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RECOPLAST CONGO SARL is a Congolese start-up operating in the plastic waste upcycling sector by turning plastic waste into plastic beams, a perfect alternative to ordinary wood and an essential product to fight against deforestation.The ecological beams produced by RecoPlast Congo called "Ecowood" can be used to make durable and affordable chairs, tables, pallets and anything that ordinary wood can make.

RecoPlast Congo was founded based on the increasing number of untreated plastic waste in the City of Kinshasa in the DR Congo.

Recycled Plastic
Our Vision

At RecoPlast, we are committed to providing quality products to our clientele base and can customize any product to desired parameters. We understand the need to keep our planet clean by generating revenues in the waste revalorization process and have set ourselves a target to upcycle more than 500 tons of plastic bottles every year for the pilot phase of the project. We are constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we would love to hear about it

Our Products

RecoPlast uses a very friendly process to upcycle plastic waste, from its collection to our Factory. We maintain a very safe environment and make sure that our final products abide with international standards. From ecological beams to durable school chairs, tables and pallets, our aim is to provide quality products that are not only durable but also affordable to the local Congolese market. We can make almost anything out of upcycled plastic bottles.

Alignment with SDGS

We bring our pilot phase to the City of Kinshasa and not only aim to make good return on investment but also a visible impact in the community by aligning to the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as :  reducing poverty, protecting aquatic life, implicating women and young people in our activities, and developing factories to generate employment.

Our Partners

If you are a like-minded entity and wish to partner with us in the effort to upcycle and eliminate plastic waste please send us an email.

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